From our base you have many solutions to admire enchanting places, beaches, islets, cliffs, to snorck safely, to fish or maybe, for the more experienced, to go to spend a day on the island of Elba or even for those with a boat license to arrive at the island of the lily (only with motorized vehicles from the 100 hp upwards).

And a nice long passage costs a cove of oven?

The bird park, passing through the estuary of the Ombrone, a paradise of ever-coastal beaches, famous for the log huts carried by the sea, with the possibility of seeing the fallow deer on the beach.

Take a cue from our itineraries and pay attention to any weather suggestions or navigation hazards and, of course, the meteorology always takes precedence over your personal tastes.
But Punta Ala always guarantees you many possibilities, based on the various directions of the winds, at the times of the rotations.

And we will try to give you these suggestions.

19 February 2019


Distance: 15mn (60/75 min) Suggested minimum means Hair Tempest 530 Minimum rental. Whole day The bay of Ortano, in the municipality of Rio Marina, is one […]
19 February 2019

Porto azzurro

Distance: 15 minutes (75 mins per cruise) Minimum inflatable recommended 530 hair storm Minimum rental: full day Fuel distributor Porto Azzurro is the good living room […]
19 February 2019

Punta calamita e il Remaiolo

Distance 17 mn (about 75 min) Recommended minimum hair 530 tempest hair Minimum rental: full day Sheltered from nw winds Sailing from the blue port to […]
19 February 2019

Marina di campo

Distance 25 mn (about 90 min) Suggested minimum means Hair Tempest 530 Minimum rental recommended full day Fuel service Marina di Campo is the largest beach […]
19 February 2019


25 Mn away from the base One day rental Minimum recommended: Hair 530 Cavoli is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of […]
19 February 2019


Distance / 28 mn (90 -100 min) Minimum full day rental with early departure (advice 8.30) Minimum Boat: Tempest 530 (better larger sizes) Fetovaia is one […]
19 February 2019

Cerboli e Palmaiola

Distance: Cerboli: 9mn Palmaiola: 12 mn Minimum recommended: Capelli Tempest 530 Minimum 1/2 day rental (better in the morning) Cerboli is a small limestone island in […]
19 February 2019

Cavo e Rio Marina

Distance 14mn (75 min) Minimum inflatable recommended Capelli Tempest 530 Full day rental minimum time Fuel station The municipality of Rio Marina overlooks the Piombino canal, […]
19 February 2019

Punta Ala

Distance mn 20 (90 min) Suggested minimum means Capelli Tempest 570 Full day rental minimum time Navigation for experts and exposed to the mistral and passage […]
19 February 2019

La spiaggia di SANSONE

This enchanting beach formed by small pebbles of white gravel is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Elba. Close to the […]
19 February 2019


The Forno beach is the smallest of the three beaches that open into the Gulf of Biodola (Forno, Scaglieri and Biodola). A golden tongue of 130 […]
19 February 2019


Scaglieri beach is another small masterpiece of nature that overlooks the Gulf of Biodola, on the northern side of the Island of Elba (not far from […]
20 February 2019

Cala di forno

Distance: 25 mn (90 min) Minimum recommended: hair 530 Minimum rental: full day / full day Marine fuel station of Grosseto A LONG NAVIGATION OF APPROXIMATELY […]
20 February 2019

Calamoresca / Baratti

Distance between 12mn and 15 mn (75 min) Minimum inflatable recommended Capelli Tempest 530 Full day minimum rental Exposed to the north-west winds Calamoresca represents a […]