Rental arrangements and schedules

Our rafts can be rented for short periods or long term, with the possibility of staying out of our base even for several days. (Overnight)

Daily rental can be done with 3 types of formulas:

  • 1/2 day Morning 9/13
  • 1/2 day Afternoon 14/18
  • Full day 9.30/18

For any rental with different times, for those who like to go fishing early in the morning, or for other needs, contact us via email or telephone to see if we can find solutions that can be adapted to your needs.


You always need an identity document and a credit card of the visa type, mastercard to cover the kasco policy deductible. Coverage of the deductible KASCO POLICY which varies according to the chosen vehicle.

Coverage of the deductible can also be paid in cash.


Fuel is a separate expense item.

We always deliver our inflatables with full, on your return the boat must come back with a full tank of fuel, or we will calculate the fuel consumed which will be charged at an increased price, 2.20 euros per liter (to cover our service).